Magic Black Coating

  • Nahezu kein Ausgasen.
  • Vakuum- und Thermo-Vakuum-Zyklen-kompatibel
  • keine Teilchenbildung
  • Nur wenige Mikrometer dick
  • Haftvermögen auf weitestgehend allen Substratmaterialien
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Typical Properties


Magic black reflectance chart

Magic BlackTM is preferred when the lowest reflectance and highest emissivity are required in the FUV-UV, VIS up to SWIR regions. This coating is typically applied for stray light suppression.

In addition to its superior optical performance Magic BlackTM delivers many other attributes important in space applications:

  • Essentially zero outgassing
  • Vacuum and thermal-vacuum cycling compatible
  • Operating temperatures from (-)269°C to (+)380°C
  • No particulation
  • Can be customized to a few microns in thickness making it particularly suitable for optical designs with sharp edges.
  • Compatible with virtually all substrate materials

The Magic BlackTM coating undergoes regular testing and qualification to meet the specific requirements of space applications that involve optical, thermal, and mechanical testing. These tests assess the coating’s qualification for reflectance after environmental exposure to extreme thermal cycling, thermal vacuum cycling, extreme cryogenic temperature performance, strict outgassing, vast endurance to space atomic oxygen, and long-term adherence to various substrate materials. Detailed BRDF data is available.

Operative Wellenlängen EUV-NIR
Metall, Glas, Keramik, Polymere
Beschichtete Teile halten der Reinigung mit Ethanol, IPA oder Aceton ohne Veränderung der optischen und technischen Eigenschaften stand. MagicBlack™, MetalVelevt™ und LithoBlack™ sollten nur sehr vorsichtig gereinigt werden.
Ausgasung CVCM (%)
Ausgasung RML (%)
Chemischer Inhalt der Beschichtung
-269°C bis 380°C
4°K bis 653°K
1.1 - 1.6 (mg/cm²)
Leichte Abriebfestigkeit
(gemäß MIL-C-48497A)
Additional Details

Magic BlackTM has been extensively tested and qualified for space applications and is applied in a variety of space programs including among others:

  • ESA Bepi Colombo
  • Star Trackers on various satellites
  • ESA Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 4 for Earth observation
  • Earth Video Camera and more
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