Lambertian Black Foil


  • Essentially zero outgassing!
  • Vacuum and thermal-vacuum cycling compatible
  • No particulation
  • Only a few microns thick
  • Virtually adheres to all substrate materials
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Welcome to the Lambertian BlackTM Foil webpage! Our product is the ideal coating for those who require a matt surface with the lowest reflectance in the UV, VIS, and IR regions. With its completely inorganic coating, zero outgassing, and vacuum compatibility, our product offers superior optical performance, high abrasion resistance, and easy cleanability. Our webpage provides detailed specifications and typical properties of the Lambertian BlackTM Foil, along with additional details such as sample images and related products.

Typical Properties

Lambertian Black

Lambertian BlackTM is the coating of choice where an ideal matt surface is required, with the lowest reflectance in the UV, VIS, and IR regions and high absorptance at grazing angles.

In addition to its superior optical performance, Lambertian BlackTM delivers high abrasion resistance and can be easily cleaned using a clean cloth wiped with a solvent.

Like other Acktar coatings, this is a completely inorganic coating with many advantages such as zero outgassing, vacuum compatibility, and UV stability.

Detailed BRDF data is available.

Operational wavelengths
Substrate thickness
Coating Thickness
3-10µm: >98
3-30µm: >88
Working temperature (°C)
-269 to 380
Working temperature (°K)
4 to 653
Weight of coating
0.7 - 1.1 (mg/cm²)
Light Abrasion resistance
Moderate plus
Additional Details

Sample image under grazing-light illumination – Lambertian BlackTM (left) vs diffuse black surface (right):

Lambertian Black under grazing light Diffusive surface under grazing light

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